10 #Content Marketing Growth Hacks - #Infographic

 10 #Content Marketing Growth Hacks - #Infographic

By Garrett Moon | 10 Content Marketing Growth Hacks [with Infographic]

The content hacker is a new animal, one that combines the skills of content marketing with the mindset of growth hacking.

As more and more startups and brands jump into the content marketing game, they need to seek out new ways to drive customer growth, not just more content. The entire Groove blog is a content hack in itself (like several other startups, they've begun to publicize their metrics in a compellingly transparent way) but this call to action was a part of the reason they grew their blog's email list to more than 5,000 subscribers in just five weeks.

Check below for an excellent resource (Infographic) provided by It provides common characteristics of a content hacker and how it differentiates from that of a "growth hacker" and as well as providing a few ways to dabble into some content hacking, yourself! Why not, right?

Tweetnotes from Infographic:

- Content marketing and growth hacking have the same goal: Increasing revenue.

- One of the best ways to hack your content is to make it more shareable.

- We all have share buttons at the top or bottom of our page but ask yourself, how are you enticing readers to share your content?

Infographic: The Characteristics Of A Content Hacker

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