Vital SEO Trends for 2016 | #Infographic

 Vital SEO Trends for 2016 | #Infographic
By Sam Hurley | Vital SEO Trends for 2016

What SEO strategies should you be applying in 2016 to rank well in Google?

Google changes its algorithms more than 500 times every single year. Thus, it is nothing less than essential to stay on top of the latest updates so your website remains visible to potential customers.

SEO continues to evolve - want to keep up? put together an infographic indicating the most important elements to be considered for any SEO campaign.

 - On-Site SEO Techniques include: Mobile-responsive website design, solid technical site structure and content architecture, internal linking, structured data mark-up and local optimization.

 - Off-Site SEO Techniques include: Relationships and networking, authoritative guest posting, Google+ reviews, mid-to-long tail + branded anchor text and heavy content distribution.

 Vital SEO Trends for 2016 | #Infographic

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